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Rapid Tools Direct UK have been supplying Tools online now for 16 Years. We only supply quality makes and brands, because we want our customers to be happy with their product, this in turn helps our business to grow. We stock gardening equipment, hand tools, site lighting, tools, power tools, safety equipment, screws, safety boots, stihl and Armorgard security products to protect your tools on site. We are stockists for Duro Diamond products which are leaders in the diamond blade and diamond core equipment in the uk. Diamond blades for asphalt, stone and granite cutting with diamond tile saws and tile drills for very hard material. more info >> is your online source for professional tools for pro trades craftsman and home contractor. We carry over 700+ quality brand name tools and provide our customers with excellent customer service, price matching and fast shipping worldwide. We grew our store out of our love and knowledge of Woodworking Tools, Power Tools and DIY know-how for the everyday homeowner. If there is something that we do not carry just give us a call at 1-888-768-8370 and we will see if we can get it for you. All items are packed in secure packaging and we offer insurance for large items like pro woodworking machines. With such a Variety of categories you can supply and build an entire home with our catalog of items. We have a large following on our social media accounts and are always asking our fans how we can improve our service as well as offering them special rates and discount specials on the tools they need to perform. more info >>
Guia de Ferramentas is a site where we talk about tools - it can be a woodworking tool or just a home use tool like grinders, drivers and etc - but we try to explain how it works and what is the best option to buy. We have a safety tips section too, because some tools are very dangerous. Guia de Ferramentas pretend to be a place where every tool lover can find new information and share their experiences to improve the experience of everyone. You will find buying guides that explain all the points that you need to look when trying to choose your need tool. more info >>
Corrosion potential mapping is used to identify rebar spots that are undergoing corrosion. It is a non-destructive technique carried out on concrete structures in order to determine corrosion status related to the identified corrosion potential value. The contours and measurements obtained by using plotting potential corrosion values are also significant in delineating corroding portions of structures from `healthy` non-corroding portions. The half-cell, open circuit potential test method is a more frequently used technique for potential corrosion mapping, although double-probing is also applicable. The half cell testing method is suitable for on-site (in-situ) evaluation as well as for research and development work. It applies to concrete members regardless of size or depth of covers over reinforcing steel. Half-cell circuit potential testing and measurement can also be used any time during the lifespan of a concrete member. It is an inexpensive test method that is simple and quick to perform and analyse, even when surveying an entire structure. more info >>
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