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Ants on a Melon, located in Eugene, OR, is a manufacturer and seller of fiber optic light up toys including light sabers, fiber optic whips, contact swords, multi-color flashlights, contact staffs, fiber optic tails, poi, professional glow props, fiber optic headdresses. It is the current leader in all fiber optic costume design. The Stellar Series Multi-Color Flashlight has 27 color modes and has a number of twist-on fiber optic light toy accessories. The Stellar Series Multi-Color Flashlight is the World's only multi-color flashlight capable of 27 color modes with the option to attach a variety of fiber optic light toy accessories to it. more info >>
The Geek Gift is an online shop specialized in geeky gift ideas. It offers apparel, accessories, toys and games for anyone interested in sci-fi, comics, TV series, science or gaming. Browse through a huge hand-picked collection of geek gifts that includes products about Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, RPG, Magic, Big Bang Theory, Minecraft, Portal Firefly and much more. The site also features a Steampunk collection with steampunk clothing and a gallery of geeky costumes for cosplaying or costume parties ranging from props like elf ears to whole victorian dresses. Don't forget to visit The Geek Gift during Halloween or Christmas, there are special geeky products and costumes for all holidays. more info >>
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