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Celltower Radiation Awareness
Listed: Celltower Radiation Awareness
Get yourself and your community at large about the health hazards and the potential danger the cell towers cause on the humand body and other environmental entities.I myself only found out about it after these shocking incidents came to my notice. I have been spreading awareness to friends and family to be vigilant whenever there is cell tower put up in the neighbourhood. Recently, a cell tower mushroomed near my window and on testing I found that there were four regions in my house where it was dangerous to sit for more than an hour! Sitting comfortably in our homes we do not realise the seriousness of it at all. The mobile phone radiations are silent killers. The mobile phone radiations are slow killers. The mobile phone radiations are invisible killers. It is time we take some action. It is time we do not let people endanger their health and lives due to unawareness.
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Tuesday 07, 2013
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