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Antisocial network where you can be alone, tell your story, discover yourself, recall memories and emotions, keep a diary, establish your autobiography. How it works: You will have your personal page and by clicking to one of your hundred years you ll be able to write down an event, to review a week or month, to save whatever is to be remembered. Doin so you ll be able to recall whenever you want, places you have gone for holidays, what were your resolution the previous year, happy moments of the past. You ll make you autobiography (Bioselfie) and you ll give next generation the opportunity to be inspired from your uniqueness. more info >>
The website discusses the life and legacy of the author Virginia Woolf. The site focuses primarily on Woolf's books, literary career and personal life as well as her struggles with mental illness that eventually led to her suicide. Topics include the inspiration behind her many novels and books, her thoughts on various moments in British history that she witnessed firsthand, her marriage, family and her circle of friends known as the Bloomsbury Group. Some of the source materials for the articles include Woolf's own diaries and letters. The website also features book reviews, news, useful links, quotes and a photo gallery. more info >>
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