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In Russia, croquet came from England in 1875.It immediately became popular. `There`s no place on the waters abroad, where all the high society of the mainland, there is no decent school, where he had not been introduced croquet` - so wrote the Russian newspapers at the time. Russia was fascinated by this game. In croquet played the royal family, the most sophisticated play of Russian society subjugated. Enthusiasts and skilful players were Fyodor Chaliapin, Anna Pavlova, Dmitry Likhachev. There are several options for the game of croquet for which written rules. The most common rules - International Law Association Crockett, which hosts international competitions and in most countries play croquet clubs, the so-called English croquet, golf croquet, croquet Russian; Yard (home) or garden croquet, in which they play in the yard or country houses by their own rules, which makes the game exciting and enjoyable pastime. more info >>
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