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Baulk, bisque, half-bisque, peg out, ball-in-hand—what are we talking about? Croquet, of course!

Croquet may have been around since the 1800s, but that doesn’t mean people still don’t partake in a game or two in the 2000s! When all you need are a few plastic or wooden balls, a mallet and some hoops – what is there not to like? Although the game was formed in London and is still more popular there than most of the world, it continues to be played for fun and as a competitive sport in many regions of the globe. Croquet has progressed through the years and there are many variations on the original game now including association croquet, golf croquet and American six-widget croquet to name a few. The most popular version of croquet in the 21st Century is easily golf croquet. It is widely played in the United States and Canada specifically and is well liked due to its ease of play and highly competitive nature. In our sports directory on croquet we will do our very best to offer up information that interests fans, players and followers of this sport. No matter where you live, no matter what your age or skill level, our Croquet directory is designed for you—the croquet enthusiast. These are websites that will help you learn more about croquet, or connect with companies that can help you pursue your hobby or passion of playing croquet. Take a look around, click some links and check back often for more great sites about croquet.
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