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Since its inception in 1896, fencing has remained a popular sport in many regions of the world while becoming a big part of many historical stories and current pop culture. While fencing today is not exactly the same as historical fencing both versions of the sport has been a part of each and every Summer Olympics in the modern era. Fencing has lost popularity as a sport overall due to the inability for most people to purchase all the gear necessary to compete including weapons (foil, epee, sabre) and protective gear (jacket, plastron, glove, mask and knickers). It has not lost popularity, however, among high-class individuals, Olympic athletes and popular culture. Fencing duals are depicted as a way to settle scores in many modern movies, cartoons, and other various forms of media for comedic effect. It is always funny to think about someone settling a score in the 21st century by using swords or other weapons from the 18th century! Our directory on the sport of fencing is reserved for websites that cover its history dating back as far as the middle Ages and Renaissance and even each women and protective clothing item in great detail. We also accept links to websites explaining specific techniques and links to schools and training programs around the world that continue teaching the sport of fencing. We hope that after visiting our directory on fencing you will either leave with enough information to become a fencer or at least enough to pretend dual with one of your friends!

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