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According to ancient lore, the Olympics have been taking place since Hercules and Zeus roamed the earth. Whether or not that has any basis in fact is irrelevant since the Olympics have been happening in one form or another since the 1800s. Sports and competition have always been an extremely important part of the human ideal and the Olympic games have thrived because of it. It is the 21st Century and we still celebrate an international Olympic event every two years. There are the summer and winter Olympics (each on a staggered four year rotation so that there is one event every two years) where nations from around the world compete against one another in sporting events to decide who is the best. The Olympics, and the medals won at the games, are sources of pride for entire nations whether they are as big as the United States or as small as Trinidad and Tobago. The concept and beliefs behind the Olympics received so much support and fanfare that other events were created like the Paralympics and Youth Olympics. Competition, especially with the backing of a nation, is a big deal to anyone sports fan or not.

Our directory on the Olympics is specifically reserved for websites that cover the history of the international events and references and information about medal winners and news stories on criticisms of the games from certain countries throughout the last 100 years. Whether or not Zeus actually participate in the Olympics doesn’t matter – we do and we still care.

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