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The problem with a lot of sports these days is that they require so much to get started and actually play. Before getting in a hockey rink or hitting the football field you need tons of equipment. Before you play golf you need to buy clubs and then have to pay to use those clubs somewhere. Tennis on the other hand is a game where you can simply purchase a five dollar package of balls, grab a cheap wooden racquet, find a local tennis court and start smacking the ball across the net. For the most part, free tennis courts can be found in almost any community or neighborhood. There are fancier tennis clubs for expert players but you can simply go to your local park, open the gate and get a tennis match going. Tennis is also a great game for couples to play as it is a similar sport for both men and women unlike baseball and softball or even basketball. The popularity of tennis has always been there due to the great workout it gives an individual and how it can be played indoors and outdoors. In our directory on tennis we will let you know how to become a great tennis player and even point you towards local experts and trainers that can help you elevate your tennis game. We will also provide links to information on the history of tennis as a sport and profession to make sure you are fully equipped with everything there is to know.
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