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Paper Crane Origami Folding Instructions
A simple to use website that guides you through the folding process to create a paper crane. There is a video and diagrams to help users fold the paper crane for the first time, and information on what type of paper to use. The site also contains information about origami, tips and tricks, and information about the cultural effect of paper cranes and what symbolism they hold for people. Folding paper cranes can be easy, if you have had trouble in the past folding paper crane origami then give this site a chance, there is a video and simple diagrams that are color coded and are easy to understand for people new to origami. All you need is a piece of paper, printer paper will do! more info >>
A unique place to learn to fold many proprietary origami models not available elsewhere, offering about ninety different categories with more than six hundred models. For an example, there are 24 different models for origami heart, 35 models for origami box, and 44 models for origami star.  You are also introduced to fold special occasion origami models for Valentines, Easter, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Christmas for your loved ones. There are also easy origami pages where children could learn to fold simple origami models with little difficulty. Also offering animated instructions (using 3D rendering program, Maya) to learn folding techniques such as inside reverse-fold, petal fold, and so on.  There are also over hundred traditional origami models to learn as well. more info >>
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