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Direct Marketing
NOW! Marketing Services Inc. Is a full service marketing and design company. We are passionate about providing cutting edge solutions that exceed today’s standards. Our team has over a decade of real industry marketing and design. Because of our experience we know what type of service, products and results you expect and need to grow your business. Finding a solution always involves a moment of creativity. And at NOW! Marketing Services Inc., creative thinking and design drives everything we do. Clients value our dedication and willingness to go the extra mile.  They trust us to fulfill our promises and exceed their expectations with creative and intelligent solutions to their marketing challenges. We're confident we can help you succeed. Next time you think about marketing think NOW! Marketing Services Inc. more info >>
Definitive Wealth
Definitive Wealth is a financial literacy company that enables the everyday man or woman with the psychological tools required in the acquisition of great amounts of wealth. it is a self improvement website for the purpose of giving people the mental tools to gain finacial freedom. The great thing about Definitive Wealth is that it does not build castles in the sky and tell you of how great your life will be once you have acquired these tools, it actually gives you the system in which to acquire this great wealth. We use the trusted methods of direct selling to teach you how to accumulate great amounts of wealth over a period of time. we teach you how to market and distribute financial literacy products and build a business of your own with which you could retire on. We will be supplying all the great self help books and also supplying tertiary institutions with digital media for their business orientated courses. We envisage a world where wealth accumulation is not reserved for those born into affluent societies, but rather for everyone, a sense of socialism in a very productively capitalist world. more info >>
In London we can distribute street by street fast, we don’t pan out our distribution over a matter of week’s months we aim to distribute all flyers within a week so if your order is 1,000 flyers or 100,000 flyers, our main goal in the London area is to get them through people letter boxes as fast as possible because this is a fast service your advertisement isn’t subject to wait and see if you get customers over weeks, accompanied with G.P.S live track through our website you can see the whole campaign yourself, viewing where your customers flyers were distributed. Flyer delivery is really the biggest source of advertisement, you can use emailing, TV advertising and spend hundreds of pounds on them but then you may not reach your target market at least with flyer delivery you getting cost effective advertisement to households and businesses. We are really what we say we are we don’t like these super cheap dishonest flyer delivery companies that they just offer no prove of distribution our geo mapping software and G.P.S hardware proves what we say we are flyer delivery takes around 7 to 10 hours to complete if you pay an off the street distributor for a round £25.00 per thousand you’re paying them around £2.50 an hour would you work for that amount of money this is why we have invested a lot of time and money in to our service to be able to provide you with piece of mind, this is why you should choose our service. more info >>
Digital Marketing Agency London - Drawn in Digital Ltd is a digital marketing, Design and Development agency based in London Bridge. Our targeted, relentless marketing strategies mean that we provide our clients with measurable digital marketing results for every campaign. We have worked with a range of brands, in a number of industries and are always looking forward to our next challenge. Where other digital marketing agencies that specialise in one area often fall on others, Drawn in digital can offer a complete solution to your digital marketing strategies that compliment your brand and its design with the way it deserves. Why not get in contact with us now to see how we can improve your current digital marketing campaigns. more info >>
Refrigerator magnets are perfect option for promotion to every type of business. These special promotional tools offer you select your promotion in your own styles and designs. You can opt to add your favorite photos, recipes, logos, business contact data, calendar and anything you want to share with your customers. Color, layout, size, images and all and every properties of these magnets are completely alterable and you can so design unique promotional tool in your own style. So next time you think of promoting your business to mass, select refrigerator magnets, the perfect low-cost giveaway offering promotional messages seen every day. more info >>
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