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Our mission is to become the largest online portal covering everything related to electric smokers. Starting with well researched articles on how to properly smoke your meat using an electrical smoker we cover information such as the perfect amount of smoke to used in your electric smoker, the required temperature or duration for various recipes, we have everything needed to turn you from a novice into an expert in this domain. We also cover the most popular electric smokers on the market and give unbiased reviews of brands such as Masterbuilt, Bradley or Old Smokey. If you have ever wanted to be able to cook amazing dishes without the hassle that come associated with the traditional smoking process, feel free to join us on the journey to gourmet meals using an electric smoker. more info >>
Top 10 microwaves reviews and rates all the latest microwave ovens on the market. From counter top to over the range models, we examine each and help consumers find the best value for their money. Buying a microwave is not as easy at it looks and it should ultimately make your cooking time in the kitchen more efficient and look great amongst your other appliances. This site is about more than the Top 10 microwaves though, we cover everything from the buying process to specialty microwave cookbooks. If you are in the market for a new microwave then you need to consider our reviews. We review all the popular brands Panasonic, Kenmore, Danby, RCA, Oyster, and more. more info >>
Interested in getting your self a electric smoker? You might love to cook delicious ribs and fish to get the barbecue party and also you also require the meals to check perfect and will taste amazing. This is the point where you should consider looking to discover the Electric smoker grill in the industry. You may always find a fantastic char broil electric smoker in addition to some other fashions in the current market, however you will need to be certain that you purchase the right one. Following are a few of the things it is possible to consider if you are looking for that “Best electric smoker under 200” USD. more info >>
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