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Special Diets
Peering into someone else’s thoughts can be liberating. In addition, looking at the food that someone from another culture makes can be inspiring. Whether you want to learn how to cook a new dish or whether you want to find out about someone else’s culture, you will find that reading another person’s blog is both fun and interesting. My Scrawls is a blog written by a new mom who loves to cook. You will find lots of Indian dishes on the My Scrawls website in addition to various thoughts and musings. Take the time to read about someone else’s life, and see just how much you can learn about the world. more info >>
This website gives detailed review of vegetable spiralizers, which are machines that can turn vegetables and fruits into spiral slices. These machines are useful in the kitchen for making curly fries, onion rings, and for those on a diet and want to substitute carbohydrates in for vegetables. A spiralizer can be used with vegetables such as zuchinni to make vegetable pasta with the consistency of real pasta. They can also be used to make great salads and provide colorful garnishes such as white radish on a sushi platter. If you are looking for supplement your kitchen with this handy gadget, you should definitely look into this site and reading our reviews. more info >>
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