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Moldes de ropa de dama y caballero a tu justa medida, sin importar la talla que seas, ya sea petit o talla extra grande. Los moldes o patrones de ropa clasica para que confecciones son pantalon, camisa, chaleco, saco falda. Solo rellena el formulario con tus medidas corporales el cual puedes bajar gratis de nuestro sitio web y luego llenarlo con tus propias medidas corporales. Envia tu formaulrio ya lleno y en breve recibiras en tu email tus propios moldes para que los imprimas en tu impresora de tu casa u oficina. Hay veces que pasa mucho tiempo y nuestra ropa ya no nos queda, por ello nosotros te enviaremos tus moldes a la medida de tu cuerpo. En nuestro web site puedes ver los video de como tomarte las medidas. more info >>
Sewing and embroidery are great hobbies enjoyed by many millions across the world. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced seamstress having the right tools for the job is an essential part of enjoying this pastime and producing high quality craft projects. Review many of the industries top products and choose the right model for your needs. Take into consideration the size, weight, adaptability, in-built stitches and ease of use. Many new sewing machines have the added bonus of doubling up as quilting and embroidery machines also so buying the right manufacturer model from the outset can mean a one-off purchase that could stay in your family for years to come. more info >>
GrandmaLikesToSew is a website created by a retired seamstress who has taught sewing classes to people of many different skill levels for over 20 years. The website was first created to help users narrow down the vast selection of sewing machines to one that suits their skill level and interest. You will find dozens of sewing machine reviews from computerized to manual sewing machines. Jessie also shares her opinions on quilting, sergers and embroidery machines. Grandma Likes To Sew aims to be the best sewing machine review site on the web. With over 20 years of experience you are in good hands! Let Jessie help you find the sewing machine of your dreams. more info >>
GrandmaLovesSewing is a website created by a grandmother to 5 wonderful children and 14 wonderful grandchildren. Because of our large family, it wasn't always possible to buy our children, nor our grandchildren new clothes. My sewing skills developed out of necessity and have now become a passion. Over the years I have used a variety of sewing machines, from my beginning sewing machine all the way to my computerized model. I have even used a computerized knitting machine. On my site, you will find my honest review of sewing machine that I have used. They are broken down into sections for beginners and machines that cater to your skill and interest level. You will find dozens of sewing machine reviews from manual machines all the way to the latest computerized models. I also share specialty machines such as quilting, sergers and embroidery machines, which are a lot of fun to use. Grandma Loves Sewing is aimed at anyone who is interested in sewing and is looking for an honest review of some of the best sewing machines on the market today. Let Gandma find your next sewing machine. more info >>
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