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Jim Bruce was voted N°2 Top Internet Guitar Instructor 2013 and is at the top of his field. Constantly searching for innovative guitar teaching methods, Jim is now applying spiritual methods for learning how to play authentic blues music - visualization and meditation. Studies have shown that performers who visualize the perfect performance instead of practising, for 50% of their normal practice time, enjoy massive improvement compared to traditional methods. When we focus our visualzations, we create a 'virtual' model of what we desire, which is like a reflection of the material world. It seems that this other dimensional construct becomes more and more real as we maintain our focus. more info >>
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The Tune Wall is a new and unique blog that covers the best music releases, news and events across the world. Our writing team publishes supporting articles on many genres of music with very little boundaries and most have an extensive musical background that allows us all to connect with artists, record labels and management groups of all kinds. The Tune Wall is based out of Seattle, Washington. While we support our very talented regional music scene, our team loves to travel across the world to experience many different kinds of music cultures and variations of music scenes. The Tune Wall encourages musicians of all calibers to submit their music to our writing staff for review and support. It's our goal to help musicians reach their fullest potential and to provide the world with the best in music. more info >>
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