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Fish and Aquaria
Online since June of 2008, Tropical Fish Forum is a messageboard dedicated to discussing all things related to freshwater and marine aquarium environments, from purchasing and setting up an aquarium, to selecting and properly maintaining your tropical fish and other livestock. It is tropical fish hobbyists helping other hobbyists. Whether you are a novice tropical fish hobbyist, or a seasoned hobbyist, you will find useful, practical answers and solutions to a variety of problems that you may encounter as you enjoy your fishy friends over the years. Furthermore, in the spirit of the hobby, we invite our members to share their own wisdom and insights with other Tropical Fish Forum members. Please stop by today and dive into the chat. Thanks! more info >>
Reef Corals is a live coral farm. We actually grow our coral instead of buying it from live coral wholesalers that import coral from the oceans wild reefs. By growing our live coral for your reef tank aquarium, we have elected to leave the wild corals in the ocean because the reefs are already devastated by natural causes, man, and over harvesting. Our tank raised live coral is also more hearty and healthy than the corals in the ocean because they have adapted and are used to living under artificial lighting and in synthetic salt water. There is very little acclimation when a coral goes from one of our tanks to a clients tank because the conditions and water parameters are nearly identical. When a live coral is imported, that coral must try to adapt to artificial lighting and synthetic saltwater and numerous other parameters, that are different from living in the ocean. Many live corals die because they can't adapt to the differences. Farmed corals only know the conditions and water parameters of a reef tank aquarium because that's the only place they have ever lived. They are started from small frags, or fragments (cuttings), and are grown out in the reef tank until they are large enough for a frag to be taken from it and passed on to another reef tank enthusiast. This live coral farming practice is the green way of keeping a reef tank aquarium. The live corals in the ocean are not harvested and are left to live and thrive and re-propagate the ocean so the reefs can grow and begin to restore themselves. We believe that live coral farming is the responsible way to keeping a reef tank and at the same time helping the ocean reefs recover. more info >>
Aquascaping-Blog is a no-nonsense blog specialized in aquascaping and aquarium keeping. Learn how to keep your aquarium algae free thanks to our interesting and easy-to-understand articles. Besides algae, we also write a lot about aquascaping techniques so that you can turn your aquarium into a beautiful aquatic scenery. You can always contact us for free advice on how to keep your aquarium algae free, improve growth of your aquatic plants and expert tips on "hardscape" and "softscape". Together, we'll help design the aquarium you've always wanted! So do not hesitate and check out our blog or send us an e-mail, we're always eager to help you out! more info >>
As having a fish tank is a very fulfilling hobby, we all want our pets to live for a long time. One important thing that you should include in the whole set up is an aquarium filter. You see, your fish will need a healthy and clean underwater environment in order to thrive; and one way to do this is by setting up a filter. Having the best aquarium filter will ensure that the quality of water in your fish tank is always good. And that would also mean happy and healthy pets. Of course, aquarists and hobbyists will also find fulfillment in the proper maintenance of their aquarium. more info >>
Fish Supply Guide reviews fish tanks and aquariums, fish food, and many other accessories and items that you will need to keep your fish community happy, healthy, and active. We also write guides explaining in depth about different topics related to fish like how to setup your fish tank or how to maintain and clean your fish tank and everything in it. For those betta fish owners, we even have a guide giving you the best processes and methods to ensuring you keep your betta fish alive. Everything you find on Fish Supply Guide will provide you with valuable information and knowledge to give you the resources and things needed to make sure you keep your fish, an investment, alive and well no matter what. more info >>
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