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Guinea Pigs
Guinea Pig Manual is an educational website with concise and verified information about guinea pig care. Along with general information about guinea pig species, the manual provides the owners with concise instructions in all the relevant areas of guinea pig care - for example, how to feed them, how to accommodate them, what bedding to chose, how to take care for their health and prevent illnesses and injuries, how to handle them properly, what things to avoid, etc. The manual is suitable both for novice and more experienced owners, with a strong focus on simple and user-friendly interface and creative and descriptive graphic elements. Interactive web elements include a collection of guinea pig sounds (which can be listened to via embedded mp3 player), and a guinea pig test quiz, where owners can evaluate their knowledge of various guinea pig care factors. more info >>
Abyssinian Guinea Pig Tips - Meet, share, learn
A great place for guinea pig lovers to learn, share, and meet. Lots of interactive quizzes, forums, calculators, and more. Topics include Abyssinian guinea pigs, guinea pig names, health, behavior, care, cages, and more. Learn how to save money on guinea pig supplies with weekly deal alerts. You can share your own information, ideas, pictures, and videos. Enter your guinea pig in the Hall of Fame to get your own page and possibly win a small prize. See facts at a glance and view interesting infographics. View a tutorial to learn how to draw a guinea pig. Learn what guinea pig sounds mean. Lots to see and do. more info >>
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