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Household Wastewater Management
Environment & sanitation are intertwined, with an ever tighter financial noose on 1st world becoming benefactors to 2nd/3rd world nations. Site outlines some facts and gives information for an mas-produced economical toilet that can adapt to a variety of different situations by being essentially mobile. The self contained unit/s that use no water, chemicals or mains electricity will enable a practical solution that eludes systems from other manufactures in as many diverse, remote & arid regions where humans reside. The `Conveytol` is an advanced design that was achieved from previous models built in South African were water & socioeconomic factors prevent everybody having a conventional `Water-flushing` toilet system. Some areas are covered regarding the pros & cons of a water-less or dry-toilet, this site is used to inform potential investors of my toilet. more info >>
Residential and commercial septic contractors in Massachusetts with over 30 years of unique experience installing new septic systems, repairing septic tanks and systems as well as providing affordable septic tank pumping, cleaning and periodic maintenance for longevity of the septic system. Our septic technicians are all Licensed Title V Inspectors as we are one of the largest Massachusetts Title 5 Inspections teams offering the lowest cost inspection services. Helping homeowners save over 40% on new septic system installation in Massachusetts or to repair an existing system. Offering online discount coupons for $100 Off Title V Inspections and $20 Off septic tank pump-out service. more info >>
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