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Andrew Wood - Programmer
Welcome. I would like to show you my website, a collection of code I have created for personal and professional reasons, however all of which is downloadable and most the source code too. I have programs written in most languages available and have a brilliant discussion area to talk about web and computer programming technologies and languages. There are spaces for users to chat amongst themselves and a group space, as well as the chance to critically evaluate my work! The site is also home to my *home grown* MMO - The Plains of Igma which is in a constant state of live development which is usually quiet exciting to most users. The site is continuously growing in content and features so please come check me out! more info >>
Dubleeble is a website full of video tutorials, software and games. The tutorials are mainly about programming in C# and java script but some include how to use curtain software such as power point or Unity. In the games department there`s lots of flash games and console game coming games. Also there software on the site that also you to get you tube views, create drop down web menus and even host a website off your computer all at for free as shareware with a great looking HD easy to use layout in the form of a website. There is a forum for users that need help with programming you can submit a problem and we help you fix it. more info >>
This website has all the free generators that you would ever want. The website carries the latest and highest quality programs to ensure that you get the keys and codes for your games that you need.These keys include games like minecraft which can give you a free premium account. With the premium account for minecraft you can play multiplayer and have access to plenty more features. Please check out our website and click around. If you have any questions about the website just use the contact tab and we will be happy to assist you. All of our programs are tested on a daily basis to ensure that they are working correctly so go check it out now. more info >>
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