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Danny Daniel di Mauro
Life beckons, Leave something behind! Is am mantra reminding me of death and what have dune to improve humanity. A simple well-designed Chaise lounge Recliner for Folks tired of the Rat Race can appreciate such a product. I am to enlighten imaginations with inspiration and a realization that creativity is not dead. The simplest of things are the hardiest of thins to bring to life from imagination. Gust because someone proved Art is dead, dose not mean Art is Dead. The di Lounger is one example of may Artworks expressing the human psyche of the era. Such as Artwork, Social Media Overdose. I believe my Artworks are before their time and need a crosser examination of there Artistic Value.
Meta Keywords
Chaise Lounge Recliner, plans and instructions
Date added
Thursday 08, 2017
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