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Andrew Brel is a London based author and Music Producer. His book `The Emergency Bouzouki Player` is set in 70`s South Africa, and is a first hand account of conscription in Africa`s longest running conflict, the Border War. Described by a reviewer as `possibly the most articulate record of the border-war years yet published` the story incorporates the personal experience of conscription, interwoven with historical context of the bitter war between the Afrikaans rulers and the Black liberation groups opposing the Apartheid regime. Andrew has written 6 best selling Relaxation Music CD`s, including `7 Bach Meditations`. Andrews songwriting output includes `The Paradise Key` which tells the story of the Human Wave attacks by Iranian children during the Iran Iraq war. more info >>
Dark stories & books by Matt Neputin
The official website of the fiction author Matt Neputin. The author specializes in dark, disturbing and weird fiction. And not only that he also frequently narrates his short stories and makes them into movies, and keeps them on his site for everyone to read for free. Many people say that his fiction is the weirdest and most disturbing thing they ever read. So if you want to be disturbed and read some truly dark short stories and read some really freaky novels, I encourage you to enter this site and read them, and if reading is not your thing you can always listen to them, as he also has a free podcast available. more info >>
Anna in Wonderland is a writer, designer, publisher, life coach and spiritual counselor who loves to create magical things and inspire other free spirits to live the life they truly want to live. On her website, she offers lots of advice for creative individuals and spiritual seekers wanting to live a more magical life, as well as a selection of products she has created, such as her Magical Heart Healing Cards and a collection of guided meditations. In her writings and recordings, she covers topics such as healing, intuitive development, communicating with angels and fairies, and she also likes to offer practical guidance on questions such as how to grow a business the magical way or how to create a more sustainable lifestyle. Her wish is to empower others on their quest for more personal freedom, as well as to inspire positive change on a more global level, making the world a more beautiful place for everyone to enjoy. more info >>
This site features a wide variety of articles, news items, and content, which are meant to give new depth into science fiction author R. L. Larson’s mind and works. Information regarding any appearances or signings he may be attending will also be listed, as well as any new novels, short stories, or other projects he's working on. You can view his personal blog, where he writes about his ideas and opinions on life, or review his favorite books, speakers, and his collection of inspirational quotes and talks. There are also in-depth backgrounds on the author’s science fiction novels,such as: sample chapters, concept art, maps, timelines, and a working knowledge base on everything from the character's genealogy trees to the technology included in his worlds! more info >>
A writing, blogging and debating platform with a difference. We turn blogging into a more social experience and do quite a bit of promotion on your behalf, taking the hassle out of the first few weeks of your blog. On Scriggler anyone can write and read on any subject, in any level of detail. We purposely moved away from the traditional model of social circle as the gateway to the audience - and this is what makes us truly unique. Instead we put all publications into one large pool and give them similar visibility to start with. To help the audience navigate through it we created the whole bunch of algorithms and tools designed to deliver information to the reader based on its relevancy. Our goal is to connect the right ideas, stories and opinions with the right audience. We believe this approach can democratise the information flow and help erase geographical, political, social and religious boundaries. Our focus is not the content that can go viral - it is helping our authors put their work in front of a global audience, connect and engage with their readers and grow their following in a sustainable way. more info >>
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