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Business Development
The Client Service Factory
Do you have customers or clients? If so you need The Client Service Factory to up skill your current talent. The CSF offers workplace coaching to any company that has a customer or client or deals directly or indirectly with them. The CEO and founder of The CSF, Dave Sherwood-Adcock, is proud to admit that Customer Service is his passion and has been throughout his 20 years in the industry. The CSF`s approach is different to the extent that we do not offer any off-the-shelf training packages but rather specifically design programmes to suit companies unique value propositions instead. We do this by means a comprehensive Business Needs Analysis. We work very closely with each individual in the business working delicately with their very different and individual learning styles. What might resonate with one staff member may not with another. The results are immediate and lasting because each staff member takes full responsibility for their learning and progression. Our after coaching services and follow-up meetings are proof of our commitment to watch these customer service professionals excel day in and day out. We don`t just train or coach, we build lasting relationships. more info >>
AnalysisProject is a such site which provide the detail information about management of project. There are tremendous competition in business and while conducting business activities, managers face a lot of problems. For solving some the problems of managers, this site will help in many cases. It deals with project handling and managing. For meeting all the challenges faced by the project managers like conflict management, team development, project life cycle, conducting various research work, collection of data i.e. primary and secondary source of data and many more. It also deals with Pure Functional Organization Pure Project Organization and other problems of business activities. more info >>
Rady School of Management`s mission is to give education to future and current leaders for innovation-driven organizations. Our values are require students to be innovative, collaborative and risk takers. The Rady School of Management at UC San Diego belongs to the top schools in the U.S. for higher education and research. It offers a Full-Time MBA program for everyone, may they have Ph.D. courses, they are undergraduates or they want to get executive education courses. Students of The Rady School of Management always feel the sense of community and camaraderie. They work daily, aside from the education, to have a network of students which are builders and industry leaders in the future. more info >>
Automatic-Preneur Mastermind Group & Coaching
The Automatic-preneur Lifestyle is about creating and living your "Ideal Average Day". Through mastermind groups and coaching we will help you achieve your Ideal Average Day. Right now today you are at Point A. Your Ideal Average Day is where you want to be Point B. Through a simple exercise we will help you develop your Point B? We will help you evaluate your current position. We can help you determine what your Ideal Average Day looks like. Then together we help you design your Blueprint and Plan of Action. Implementation is the challenge of making any change in your life. If you choose, you can be coached either in a group setting or individually to get to your Ideal Average Day. more info >>
Scrum is a framework to deliver valuable product to customers through empowering cross-functional, self-organizing Teams. It is balanced to enable the organization to make periodic adjustments rooted in observation, feedback and empirical data. Scrum provides a framework to transform companies work environments, restore a focus on the customer and reenergize employees. The variation of skills, roles and experiences needed for cross-functional teams to be effective, this gives rise to the opportunity for everyone in the organization to contribute. Success with the Scrum emerges from the interactions of thoughtful, dedicated individuals when their actions and words are congruent with the values and principles of Scrum. The combination of these principles identifies Scrum and makes it distinct from the rest of the frameworks. more info >>
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