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The Test Factory creates unique online employee assessments, tailor made and bespoke to your business and not off the shelf. Online assessments can be used to monitor your staff’s knowledge and skills, or to aid the hiring process making it more efficient. You can also identify training needs, ensure product knowledge and maintain standards and consistency. All assessments are made unique to your business. Just provide The Test Factory with the types of questions you want to ask, and they will do the rest, providing you with a system to obtain your goals, hand built by experts to add value to your strategies and objectives. more info >>
Colleagues Bank is a simple and effective Human Resource Management tool, affordable to anyone. It’s low cost and without any limitations. Using one interface you can manage a big variety of your colleagues data like basic and financial data, contracts, documents, skills and experience. You can also manage your companies material items issued to your colleague. Store your organization structure and assign your colleagues to specific departments or branches. Colleagues Bank is a customizable application which lets you adapt it to your needs using static data management console. Using the advanced search you can find your colleagues using a huge set of criteria, which enables you to easily keep track of all of your colleagues data and ensure that it’s valid, as well as find the colleagues who’s data is inconsistent. Try Colleagues Bank and you’ll see how something very simple can increase your productivity and brighten up your every day tasks. more info >>
EmployAstar is a cloud based recruiting software which helps organizations to hire easily at low cost with in less time. It will fix all the troubles and crisis of candidate management. Applicant tracking system will be helpful to track candidates based on the job descriptions and hire potential employee to maintain staffing. Free 30 day trial is available.Resume management software helps to parse resumes of large data and engage right candidate to obtain organization goals. Employastar provides RMS and placement automation.Employees are the asset and they make the difference among the organizations. Keep tracking the candidates through applicant tracking system which comes through employAstar. EmployAstar comes with package of features useful for the recruitment like applicant tracking, RMS and many more. It reduces the burden of resume processing and data entry time. more info >>
Schedulehead is an employee scheduling app designed to automate as much as possible to save you the most time and money that it can. It thinks like a person. Your better workers will be rewarded with more shift opportunities while maintaining a balance of workers on multiple shifts at different locations. We do not want to have your 10 best workers at one location doing an amazing job while your 10 worst workers at another location are brewing a massive headache for you. Schedulehead will keep track of your workers capability through reviews. Assign a reviewer and Schedulehead will track performance allowing you to see who your best workers are. more info >>
Located in Dallas and London, Insala provides proprietary mentoring software, training, and consulting. Insala seeks to help organizations design, create, implement, and grow mentoring programs to meet the overall objectives of the organization, as well as those of learning & development. Insala's mentoring software allows for both mentor matching and reduction of administrative burden, while training can be delivered in either on-site workshop or online webinar format to prepare mentors, mentees, managers, administrators, and leadership for the mentoring program and ensure that everyone’s goals and activities are aligned. The software is very flexible, and can be easily integrated with the organization’s existing software, as well as social networking sites. more info >>
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