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At Axis Residential Drug Treatment Center, our goal is to provide patients with the most comfortable atmosphere while kicking the habit. We keep a staff that is always larger in numbers than our patients to ensure our patients get the individual care they need. With our 12 step program we can help you detox or kick that habit in a safe and private environment. Axis has affordable and proficient programs to help any person become and remain sober. With support groups and at home feel we want to help you get your life back on track. We are southern California’s leading rehab center for a reason, because we care. more info >>
Eczema Treatment To Eliminate Eczema
Do you have eczema you want to get rid of? Many people with eczema have a hard time getting rid of it. Eczema treatments are mostly from inside your body. Natural remedies are powerful herbs or nutrient the work with your body. Surface creams will not do the job. Your cure has to come from the inside. We can help you with eczema. Come to our site. Do you want to know what to use for your eczema? The most powerful remedies are herbs. With our help you can get rid your skin blemishes. Surface creams will not do the job. Your cure has to come from the inside. Our site will help you find the right eczema solution. more info >>
Ganoderma (red mushrooms) Health Products
Our website is full of information about the Ganoderma mushroom. Being an authorized DXN website, we are an independent distributor. We have pages and pages of information on Ganoderma, which is also called Reishi and Lingzhi. Unknown to many but known by scores this red mushroom has a long history in health. There are many benefits to becoming a regular user of Ganoderma. We offer how Ganoderma can help you prevent illness and make you have more vim, vigor and vitality. What you can find besides page after page of information is also a store to purchase Ganoderma in many different applications. You can also learn how and why you might want to become a distributor yourself. You can purchase products with the Ganoderma mushroom at a discount price or start your own home business more info >>
Mind and Body Natural Health Centre and Yoga Studio is a vibrant, welcoming venue for those who want to take more care of their own health or follow a lifestyle of self-discovery. A team of professional therapists are dedicated to working together in the best interests of the client. Our find a therapist link is very popular to help decide which therapy you would be most suited to as often several therapies can overlap. Our busy Yoga Studio is an oasis of calm and our teacher encourages you to take a whole life approach to yoga. Whilst it is an excellent body revitaliser when done regularly can also be a great calmer for the mind. In addition to the therapies and Yoga classes that we offer we also periodically run retreats - yoga or self-developement and workshops on a variety of themes. We have a quarterly meditation evening that fall in with the solstices and we have a meal and chat afterwards. We also offer Yoga teaching and hypnotherapy practitioner training. Have you ever wondered how to read Tarot cards or how many things you can do with a banana or why warm water is good for your heart. Then check out our A-Z of solutions where you will find these and many more useful and sometimes weird articles. There`s lots more going on and you really do need to check out our website to find out more. more info >>
Toxin Free Today
Toxin Free Today is a website that provides information and products to help you to regain your health after toxic overload. Natural Cellular Defence is a product that is clinically proven to remove heavy metals and toxins from your body in the US. This in turn allows your body to repair and regenerate and you can feel healthy and vital again. Sign up for the newsletter and receive tips and solutions to the problems of toxin burden. Ask about the financial opportunity that this product offers to those looking for another source of income. Call today and find out how this product can help you and those you love, including your pets. more info >>
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