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Dietitians and Nutritionists
Heal Your Body Through Nutrition... Do you frequently feel depressed, anxious, tired, feel like your life is not where you want it? Do you have cancer, diabetes, high cholesterol and any number of side effects of a poor diet and or obesity. We have spent our entire lives living, studying and learning, our mission is to pass on the knowledge that we have to heal as many as we can. Heart disease kills almost 1 million each year! Diabetes affects more than 50 million people worldwide! Cancer affects 1-3 people! We don't want you to be the next statistic- see how changing your diet can save your life.... more info >>
Dietitian & Nutritionist Community
First of it`s kind platform for Dietitians and Nutritionists to engage, consult and create a strong community. The Nutritionsitsrepublic has now been part of managing some of the biggest events in India. OUr community has already started to create news by contributing immense knowledge and information sharing within community. Member have access to latest developments in the field of nutrition, they can share new job opportunities and information on difficult cases. Nutritionists and dietitians online platform provided opportunities for earning honorarium through surveys and panels. The community has started bustling with activities with events, conferences and e consult, nutri detailing more info >>
A slabi nu inseamna doar dieta si exercitii fizice Daca pentru a slabi este sufficient sa urmezi o dieta si un program de exercitii, de ce exista pe piata atat de multe diete, cure de slabire si pastille de slabit? Nu toate dietele functioneaza Din nefericire aceasta se intampla foartor multor personae: urmeaza o dieta sau cura de slabire si… rezultatele intarzie sa apara: ori nu reusesc sa slabeasca cat si-au propus, ori nu slabesc de loc, ori, cum se intampla destul de des, sa se se ingrase la loc dup ace termina acea cura de slabire. Cand vine vorba de slabire, majoritatea persoanelor au incercat totul: mai putini carbohidrati, fara carbohidrati, pastille de slabit si multe altele. Din pacate luand pastile de slabit pline de chimicale sau mancand amumite mancaruri la anumite momente ale zilei nu te va ajuta prea mult sa slabesti. Totusi exista modalitati mai sanatoase de a slabi … natural more info >>
Food and nutrition is the best topic that will remain live forever. Why do we talk of nutrition facts or the diet regime? Is it really connected with our real life situation? Yes it is. We get sick partly due to the lack of nutrition in our daily diet. What does it mean? Say for example if we get common cold frequently it means that body’s immunity has gone low. How does it connect with the nutrition? Yes it is connected with the diet value too. In this case if one consumes food which may be fruits and vegetables which are rich in vitamin C can help in fight against cold and common flu. Vitamin C rich diet helps in production of white blood cells and these cells are responsible for fighting against the invaders such as bacteria fungus etc. How many of us really know the facts that balanced nutrient food can do wonders? That’s why I keep stressing on getting education on the food and its nutrition value. Some people face a lot of constipation problems and do not know how to overcome the problems? Here is the answer to this. A person can face such problems if one is lacking to eat fiber rich fruits like banana, vegetable like beans etc. Now this can be overcome only one is well aware of his/her problems and know to consume the diet according to his requirement. Fruits and vegetable are rich in protein vitamins and minerals. more info >>
Make your metabolism work for you!
Make your metabolism work for you! Lot of crazy diets cause metabolic damage. There are a lot of people who work hard but don't get the results they want. Lets end the madness and stop the diets that make people sick. There are much more better ways. This site is all about healthy ways to get a better metabolism that dosn't work against us. With an optimized metabolism weight loss is almost effortless! Our website provides good quality info on the best diet trends that avoid yo-yo dieting and binge eating. We help you to erase cravings and eat healthy instead. If you have any questions feel free to contact us in email. more info >>
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