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Birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, baby showers, weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs and, of course, the growing list of gift giving holidays—it seems like there are a million occasions that call for a gift. But instead of copping out with a check and a greeting card, take some time to master the art of gift giving.
The gifts you give speak volumes about your character, but more importantly, about how you feel about your relationship with the gift recipient. By putting significant thought into the gifts you give, it shows that you not only care about the recipient, it also means that you understand them. Gifts don’t always have to be expensive—in fact, an obviously pricey gift is more likely to embarrass the recipient. Instead, gifts should aptly fit the occasion and appropriately speak to your relationship.
Whether it’s a small token of your appreciation or an expression of your undying love and appreciation, the gifts you choose should make the right statement. Most of us understand this already—that’s why buying gifts can be so stressful. To help ease the anxiety of picking out the right gift for that special someone, we’ve compiled a number of useful resources in our Gifts subcategory of our Shopping directory. From finding deals to brushing up on gift giving etiquette, these resources will help make your next gift a hit.
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