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Attraction to the opposite sex is no longer considered strange or gross in most pockets of society. There is such a large contingent of gay, lesbian and bisexual people in the world that we mainly view it as a life choice and one that has no bearing on a person’s character or personality. The 2006 US Census stated that there are now close to 9 million gay, lesbian and bisexual people throughout America and other studies state that one in ten Americans are gay, lesbian or bisexual. The overall widespread acceptance of this lifestyle stems from the large aforementioned populous as well as the overwhelming thought that someone’s personal life is no one’s business but their own and certainly not something that should be discriminated against. The fight for gay, lesbian and bisexual rights has been a key point in political campaigns, community activism and many smaller social circles. Our directory on the niche lifestyle of gay, lesbian and bisexual people will offer up information on each as well as links to major websites that are in support of those lifestyles. You will also find resources on the gay, lesbian and bisexual communities and where the closest contingent of those communities is to your specific location. Our directory will even provide information on clubs, retail stores, restaurants and more that are catered to the gay lifestyle and population. Whether it speaks in-depth to gays, lesbians or bisexuals, you will find the necessary information here.
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