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Baseball, or America’s Pastime as it is known around the United States, was the first official major league sport in America. It has drawn families to the ballpark on cool spring days and hot summer nights for more than one hundred years. There is nothing like going to a game, grabbing a hot dog and beer with a few friends, and sitting in the bleachers enjoying an exciting sport outside under a sky filled with sunshine. Baseball is also a very popular sport for children to play as the grown up and is one that helps them learn discipline and also learn how to think while in the process of playing a sport and exerting physical energy. The history of the sport of baseball, however, is the one thing that really sets it apart from basketball, football, racing and golf. There are famous rivalries like the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees. There are players that are larger than life like Ted Williams, Babe Ruth, Willie Mays and Jackie Robinson. There are even times in American history where baseball played a role in helping heal our nation like during World War II and after 9/11. In our sports directory on baseball we will offer up information that covers everything from the history of the sport to the major league franchises to the importance of the sport to families and their children. You will have resources in our baseball directory that will make you the neighborhood expert on America’s Pastime.
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