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Alternative Medicine
The physician introduces Cell Therapy into damaged, inflamed, and arthritic cells by means of precise injection. This process is followed by infrared laser as well as several other modalities, including Collateral Artery Flow Exercises (C.A.F.E.), in order to accelerate the process. Typically one to six treatments are required to improve the condition being treated. The response to the treatment is gradual and it could take up to several months before the patient experiences the full affect of the procedure. Treatments can be done everyother day, making it easy for those patients traveling from out of state, or they can be spaced out to accomodate patients schedules. more info >>
Madhuvijay Glass is made of 100% pure Vijaysar Herb. Vijaysar herb is clinically proven herb used in India since centuries to control Blood Sugar in Diabetes. In ancient times in India, people having diabetes (Madhumeh) used glass made of Vijaysar Herb and drink aqueous of this glass to cure diabetes. We have made this glass available to people across the world suffering from diabetes. This glass is proved to be excellent glucose regulator in Diabetes patients. Therefore it reduces the requirement of allopathic doses and save the patients from side effects. visit our website for further information on Ayurveda and diabetes, diabetes cure etc. more info >>
Cell treatment clinic
Our clinic uses the most modern effective methods proprietary fetal stem cells treatment for various conditions and diseases. Fetal stem cells that we use for treatment have enormous potential for growth, differentiation and does not deny the patient that optimizes the unique long-term clinical effects. Fetal stem cells are unspecialized cells that differentiate (stage) in any other type of body cells that form organs and tissues. Stem cell therapy is very effective for restoration of functions and cell count of various organs and tissues, for fighting against incurable and inveterate diseases. We treat patients with such diseases as diabetes mellitus, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, Duchenne muscular dystrophy and other types of myopathy, oncological diseases, blood and hematopoietic organs diseases and many others including hereditary and rare genetic abnormalities. more info >>
Dr. Chad Schleiger is a chiropractor serving the Delafield community, Waukesha County and Lake Country areas. Active Health Chiropractic, LLC and their staff are dedicated to providing exceptional chiropractic care that tailors to the needs of the patient. We offer several types of care ranging from pain management to optimal wellness care. We believe that healthier people are more productive people and more productive people provide for the community. Our Mission is to provide the people of the Delafield, Waukesha county and lake country areas with alternatives to drugs and surgery because health is a choice, it doesn`t happen by chance. more info >>
Recommended to improving sleep health, provides a additional pleasant and natural manner to awaken within the morning. The Wake-Up Lightweight is suggested by the National Sleep Foundation, an educational and scientific nonprofit organization dedicated to improving sleep health and safety. convey you the opportunity to urge up and doing without switching on another lamp. At your set wake-up time, you will begin to listen. These sounds start out quietly and take 90 seconds to achieve your selected full volume level. There are 3 sounds you can select from: morning birds, a beep sound, and wind chimes. A snooze button feature helps you to enjoy 9 a lot. more info >>
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