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sharing experiences and information within a mental health setting and providing support and guidance. This site offers an introduction into the world of mental health, sharing experiences of working in a mental health environment and provides an introduction into some disorders and illnesses. There is also an opportunity to share your real stories and to share information. There is information on many disorders and medications, and what it's like to live with these disorders and the stigma involved with mental health. There is also information and support concerning team roles and confidence building, as well as morale and team building. more info >>
Understanding all types of depression
The website was developed by a small group who have had to deal with the consequences of several types of mental illness. Having seen the devastation that it can bring not just to the sufferer but to their families and friends, we felt the need to research most types of depression and create a website that is both resourceful and helpful. In simple, easy to read language, explains the many causes and types of depression, provides answers and guidance. It gives the reader a valuable insight as to how the many types of mental disorders feel to the sufferer and addresses many common myths. The site details the symptoms and possible treatments. We have tried to make it as informative as possible including real life cases described by sufferers on video, The site welcomes support in the way of membership and provides free ebooks to anyone that signs in. It will be further developed over the coming months with forums and blogs. A site to keep you eye on! more info >> gives you all that you need to know to beat anorexia, binge, and bulimia eating disorders. It is an excellent place to learn what works for sustainable recovery from these life-threats. There are many pathways to recovery being paraded out there. But do they work? At you are presented with what works for complete recovery from these devastating lifestyles. This website is actually a gratitude pack for my being alive today having struggled first with binge, then with bulimia and lastly with anorexia. It is an open guide to freedom that shows what I did to come out and what I do to keep shapely, fit and healthy today. more info >>
A blog on the impact of living with Bipolar Disorder and Psychosis and as a parent of a teenager with Bipolar Disorder. The blog is intended to provide an insight as to what it is like to have Bipolar Disorder, or manic depression as it is also known, with an objective to raise awareness through eductaion. Although the blog is partly a personal journal it also focuses on the service provided by the mental health service and diagnostic criteria. I was originally misdiagnosed as having Borderline Personality Disorder and I address the information needed when a person attends their first psychiatric assessment. If you would like any further information please submit a question via the website. more info >>
This site offers helpful facts about panic attacks, ways to help relieve symptoms and an overview of anxiety disorders. Find out about panic attacks` causes, symptoms, tips, medications, therapies exercise, natural remedies, alternative treatments and more. Panic attack sufferers aren’t always quite sure about how to get rid of their anxiety fears. Therefore, they may not be able to properly deal with them. Unfortunately, they sometimes feel ashamed about their extreme fears and how much those fears affect their daily lives. This site answers a lot of questions and helps the sufferers manage their panic attacks. It also includes some helpful information about anxiety disorders in children. more info >>
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