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Mental health refers to our overall psychological, emotional and, in some cases, spiritual well-being. Just as we have a certain set of understandings regarding physical fitness—such as the affects of diet, exercise, medication and exposure to toxins, carcinogens and other substances—as well as enduring mysteries—such as the mechanism by which natural remedies affect our bodies, there are knowns and unknowns about mental health. For example, we have come to understand the stages of grief, loss and bereavement, the needs of children and adolescents and some of the long term impacts of psychological abuse, neglect and traumatic experiences. Still, understanding of many facets of mental health continue to elude both the men, women and children that suffer from psychological maladies and disorders and the scientists and clinicians that study them.
Awareness is key to everyday management of mental disorders and nurturing of a healthy psyche. There are a number of books, websites, organizations and foundations that have been established as a guide to those interested in learning about the various aspects of mental health. By building upon the knowledge of those who have studied mental health and those who are suffering or have recovered from psychological disorders, today’s generation can further the understanding of psychological conditions and well-being.
Our Mental Health directory is dedicated to bringing all the latest news and updates and most trusted resources on pressing issues into a convenient, navigable database. From here, you can explore symptoms, causes, theories, treatments, medications, self-help and other information pertaining to mental health. Whether you’re studying for an exam, researching a hereditary condition or conducting research, our Mental Health directory is an excellent place to begin.
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