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No matter how urbanized or modern our population becomes, we’ll always have that innate agrarian itch. There’s a unique sense of pride that one gets from coaxing life from the soil whether it’s from a backyard garden or a simple potted plant. Planting flowers allows us to usher natural beauty and brilliance into the world while vegetable gardens let us literally taste the fruits of our labor with a freshness and care unmatched by any supermarket zucchini, tomato, green pepper or snap pea.
But for all the enthusiasm you may wield for gardening, it takes more than a will to make way for lush plants. Depending on what grows in your garden, you may need any number of garden accessories, including tools, fertilizer, soil additives, herbicides, insecticides, seedlings, bulbs and other gardening essentials. To help you find all the gardening supplies you might need, we’ve created a Home and Garden directory as part of our Shopping directory. Here, you can learn the basics of gardening, as well as the more intensive aspects, such as hydroponics, landscape design, outdoor structures and water gardens. Our Home and Garden directory is here to connect you with money-saving deals, time-saving tips and tricks and advice that will help your garden grow greener without spending lots of green. Whether you’re researching organic pest control methods or looking for a great local nursery, our Home and Garden directory is a great place to start. Click on some links to begin exploring the resources we’ve compiled from around the web about gardening, landscaping and lawn care.
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